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Why Do We Hate Mondays Or The Day God Disowned us

March 28, 2016

Why Do We hate Mondays explains the reason why people around the World hate this very day unanimously. It also happens the day when God disowned us.

The day God made the Earth, He was jubilant. Finally after all these attempts, the masterpiece was ready. He could now peacefully retire and enjoy the greatest past times that he hoped would bring him joy. He had skilfully designed the spherical mass of land with equal amounts of resources that could be used by its inhabitants. He had bestowed upon the earth 8 different seasons per day so that the inhabitants would not get bored and would have enough means to amuse themselves. He had put plenty food, water and amenities that would never perish. The little experiment had been successful.

Just like the biosphere he created, God had wished the inhabitants to be perfect. He had taken painstaking efforts to create the two prototypes that were equal in all measures. They had the same abilities, same emotions and same intelligence. Yet they were slightly different. So on the very first day after the world was created, God waited for the inhabitants to wake and feel ecstatic. He hoped that his perfect beings would explore and enjoy the small gifts that he had carefully hidden all around. All he wanted to do was to be a spectator in this exciting game. But nothing of that sort happened. The very first day of the first Week of the very First year on Earth did not go as planned.

As the weary specimen woke up, they had no idea what they were supposed to do. They looked around and found unknown, uncharted unspecified weird objects all around. When curiosity took its toll, a step towards the wilderness resulted in a sharp pain. What had caused the pain was a small pebble that had cut into the feet of the simpleton who took the daring step. The specimen returned to its original position as he found the pain to be excruciating. He quickly showed the scar to his companion who was quick to react. The commotion was not something that God had expected. He rushed to look what was wrong and found his mighty creations holed up in a corner afraid of small pebbles.

” Whats Wrong?” Asked God.

“The pebbles hurt us. If we walk a mile on those pebbles, we might bleed to death.”

” Haha…Don’t worry. The Pebbles are not lethal. You can simply pick them up and discard them. They won’t harm you. Here try it.” said the Mentor.

As they were invited to pick the pebbles and throw them away, the inhabitants had their very first doubts.

“But aren’t these pebbles your creations too, just like us. How can we just pick them up and discard them without angering you.” asked the ignorant newbies.

” Don’t worry about it. You can use or discard whatever you feel like. Just make sure that you are having fun. Mi casa is Su casa.”

As he saw them nod their heads, God assumed that the pep talk was all they needed to really enjoy themselves. Descending back to the spectator’s seat and hoping for some mind numbing action, he was once again disappointed. He had spent the next few hours looking at his champions. They were busy picking and stacking small pebbles. Their greatest joy came from discarding thousands of pebbles that had once hurt them. Instead of exploring the mysteries of the world, they had found pleasure in the back breaking efforts of pebble-stacking.

The creator realised that his people lacked challenges. He thought that it was his fault to put small pebbles in front of them. If he had put boulders and razor sharp stones, he would have got a great show. With this in mind, God decided to up the ante. Suddenly out of nowhere, rain, lightening and hail storm appeared. The trick worked. Forgetting everything about the small pebbles, The inhabitants ran helter-skelter seeking shelter. ‘What fun it is to watch them run!’, The creator thought.

After almost an hour, the hail stopped. The humans as they were called now, witnessed something extraordinary. Water droplets from the sky fell and everything changed. Trees, plants, flowers, mushrooms grew where the land was barren. The entire horizon was now covered with a layer of green.

‘If only’, the humans thought, ‘we had the power to create such things’. No sooner had the thought entered their mind, a tear dropped escaped their eyes. The overwhelming emotion of witnessing a miracle turned into anger, sadness and self-pity. In the middle of the lush prosperous evergreen jungle, the two inhabitants sat wailing and crying.

For the next few hours, the wailing would not stop. As their energy seeped out, one of them could not shed tears as efficiently as the other. ” You could not even cry properly. Now I will have to do it for you.” the effective one retorted. This was the very first that someone had ever nagged anyone. But the efforts worked.

The creator, who was now a bit irritated at the no-show, had to return to sort things out.

“What is the reason? Why are you wailing?” God asked.

” We are sad.” came the simple reply.

” Why are you sad when you could be awesome. Just look around you. Don’t you see, You have got everything.”

“Yes , just look around us. Look at the Trees, plants and flowers. We don’t know what to do with them. Are you mocking us. First there were those pebbles, then the Hail, the lightening and the rain. Now these plants. What do you want us to do with them.”

” Look, I have put these Trees for you. You can get food from them. You can have new clothes, if you want. You can use the flowers to decorate yourself. If you need a house you can use the wood. If you need warmth, you can use them to build Fire….”

“Fire? What is Fire?” interrupted the Humans.

“Nothing…Nothing.” Realising he might have revealed more than just a teaser, God firmly said ” Listen to me, Humans. Instead of crying and worrying about petty stuff, why don’t you enjoy what’s around you. Just keep at it and you will discover and invent newer things. Believe me, It was such a tedious task to create ‘you’ from scratch and now you expect me to tell you how things work everytime you get stuck.”

The Humans now realised that the one who stood in front of them somehow had access to immense power. He was their go-to man.

” We believe you. You are our creator. You are the master of our souls. Whatever you say is what we will follow. Nothing more, Nothing less.” said the Humans with folded hands.

” No.No…Humans. You are getting it all wrong. I have just created you. That’s it! You don’t have to follow every word I say. You can be the master of your own souls. The entire world looks upto you and is at your service. You can use everything you want. All you have to do is ask and you shall receive.”

” We completely get you, Almighty God. We are the chosen ones. You have created us to enjoy the earth. If in case anything goes wrong, we will pray to you and you shall give it to us.” nodded the Humans.

“You Idiots! Nothing I say makes sense to you. I have just wasted an entire day on you dimwits. And what’s with the almighty?? Be independent and stop being so clingy you fools.”

” Please don’t be so angry, Oh Lord. We got a bit jealous. All we wanted was the ability to create just like the plants did. We thought we might get bored of seeing each others face. Can you grant us the ability to reproduce or something like that… And we promise we will make it fun , just like you wanted us to.”

” You Imbeciles !! You want the ability to reproduce, here take it. But remember its the last favor I am doing for you. I am done with you. I am leaving.”

” But where are you going?” asked the petrified Humans.

” Anywhere but here! Heaven…Yes! I build a place called Heaven. I will make sure that I am as far away as possible from you morons. Only a few worthy ones will be allowed to see me. ”

“But what will happen to us, if you go away.” cried the disciples.

” Judging by your actions and your stupidity, you will all go to Hell. ”

This was the last time anyone ever saw God.

Eons later, you can still find monuments, buildings and statues honoring Him. Discussions on Heaven, Earth and Hell can be heard in every Household. Of course, Humans have attempted to document their age-old interaction with God in various formats yet most of them have never exactly located the mystical Heaven or the Ghastly Hell. Some Humans even claim to have seen and heard from The Creator himself but there are no solid proofs. The process of reproduction, though still is fun. And there are about 7 billion people to prove it.

Incidentally, the day when God disowned us Humans sadly happened to be a Monday. The day when we are forced to repent our sins !

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Title : Why Do We Hate Mondays Or The Day God Disowned Us

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