The 25 Minute Finishing Move Productivity Hack | Ajit Hirekar

October 9, 2015

Remember the really important things that you have been just putting off forever and how they come back bite you real hard.Now here’s a trick to just do it and get over it asap. I call it the 25 minute finishing move. Yup the name’s a bit idoitic but it definitely works.

We all have that important but menial job that is just too boring like making a budget, getting your accounts sorted, doing the laundry, going in for that early jogging session, checking your expenses /bills or maybe getting a pending report ready before its actually needed. It’s not that we are not good at doing these things but they seem to take forever to get completed and are so boring that we would do something else instead like watching TV or browsing FB or lazying around on our bed.
The 25 minute Finishing Move is an amazingly easy trick and can be used to do almost anything.
All it requires is a timer.I prefer the Pomodoro Timer. So every time you want to do really boring tedious task, tell yourself that you will complete the task in the next 25 minutes and reward yourself for doing it. If you are unable to do it in the 25 minutes you will have a small punishment to do. For me this punishment is generally 10 pushups. Also the rewards can be anything from a cupcake to a relaxing walk or extra minutes of TV, anything that you wish for.
The best part is not only would you have completed your boring task but you would have rewarded yourself for doing it and the process will be quite interesting.Plus it doesn’t have to stop here: You can improve your self by doing and achieving extraordinary things in the next 25 minutes.
People often underestimate how much work they can do in 25 minute or less:
Apply for 15 jobs
Start a blog
As a blogger, come up with a series of blogposts
See if you can write a whole chapter
Prepare a report
Tweet 100 new people
Generate at least 40 good leads
Call up all your customers
Take up a quick review meeting
You can write a full speech/Presentation
Revise your entire syllabus
Write a CV or cover letter
Connect to new people
Learn about the country you always wanted to migrate to
Clean up your room like its Diwali
Take as many unique snaps as you can
Take a walk
Pull out things that you don’t use and put them on OLX
For people who want a smartphone app to for the 25 minute Finishing Move, Try this Free App

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