How ‘King Kong’ predicted the rise of Terrorism

July 30, 2016


How ‘King Kong’ predicted the rise of Terrorism:

Whether you are from the 30s , the 70s or the early 00’s, you might be familiar with the classic fictional tale of KING KONG: A giant Ape that inhabits the dreaded Skull island. Considered to be the greatest Horror movies of all time by Rotten tomatoes, The movie somehow unusually predicts the rise of the Terrorism and how we have failed to deal with it.

Movie: Most adaptations start with a bold and resolute film director, Carl Denham who has already made up his mind to chart towards a dangerous secret yet adventurous mission. Pressing on time and still without a lead actress to carry the dangerous voyage, He finally meets his leading lady , Ann Darrow. Ann is a broke Actress looking for work and eventually end ups joining the crew. What follows is a group of people who have no idea where their destination is until the location of the expedition is revealed to be the dreaded Skull Island. By this time there is no turning back.


The Call for Invasion

The Call for Invasion

In early 2003, The US government lead by George W Bush revealed its intention to invade Iraq with claims of alleged Weapons of Mass Destruction directed at US. Though criticized by long term allies, like France, Germany and others, US managed to find solace and Military support in Great Britian and Australia. Majority of the troops were contributed by the American Army as the most of the population believed the claims put forward by the government. What started off as a preventive excursion ended being the biggest war of nations.


King Kong Meets his Bride

King Kong Meets his Bride

Movie: As the Movie progresses, the crew are alerted by the ritualistic sacrifice ceremony that offers Young Maidens to the mysterious KONG. Once spotted, the blonde Ann captures the eye of the natives who call for the “Golden Woman” to be presented as the “Bride of Kong”. This pursuit eventually ends up when the natives kidnap Ann and offer her to KONG. KONG is revealed to be the Mysterious Giant Ape-like Beast. With hopes of rescuing Ann, The Crew volunteers to enter the Jungle. They find that Kong is not the only mysterious beast on the island.

Reality: A religious term that actually means ” the spiritual struggle within oneself against sin”, the term Jihad was introduced to the world via 24×7 News Channels that earned their TRP’s through fueling hate. Though used by fanatics to spread terrorism, Majority of the ill informed population assumed that its the only code Majority of the east lives by. Racial profiling and hate mongering became rampant as did the attacks in Afghanistan. Many of the Army personnel stationed in the middle east were held hostages. Al Qaeda, ISIS, Boko Haram are just a few names of terrorist organizations that the world has come to dread.


Kong Vs T Rex

Kong Vs T Rex

Movie: Amid the colossal battle between Kong and a Tyrannosaurus, an Elasmosaurus, a Pteranodon, Ann is rescued and brought back to the village. Instead of retracting and leaving the Island for goos, Denham decides to bring Kong to civilized World. Chain and Shackled, Kong is nothing more than a circus freak that is presented to the press, who are amazed by the creature. Being tamed and perceiving flash cameras as attacks, Kong wrecks havoc throughout the city. He somehow manages to find Ann and with her i n his hand, he manages to climb the Empire State building. Military Airplanes are deployed to bring Kong from the tower. Cornered and under attack, Kong falls to his death before placing Ann safely. When a policeman remarks that the planes got him, Denham tells him, “Oh, no, it wasn’t the airplanes. It was Beauty killed the Beast.”

Reality: What was first restricted to only Iraq soon engulfed, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya and others. ISIS has attacked major cities in many countries and finds support in population that a few decades back were not radicalized. I hope this happens in the near future but KONG is destined to die. And as the famous dialog says,”Oh, no, it wasn’t the airplanes. It was Beauty killed the Beast.”, I think its upto us to kill it.

Cast :

Carl Denham : US Government
Ann Darrow : Innocent World Population
King Kong : Terrorism
Skull Island : Iraq
Tyrannosaurus: Libya
Elasmosaurus : Afganistan
Pteranodon : Syria
Jack Driscoll : Russia???

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