How Do You Know If You’re Wasting Your Life?

September 13, 2015
life Ajithirekar

You know how it all works. You know how it all ends. Yet you dream that somehow it should be different.

I am not talking about your life or your quest to find something meaningful or extraordinary. I am just describing your day!

The same cutting chai / coffee, the same old hassling routine to rush to the office on time, the same job that you have been hating for the past three years, but still cling on to and the same regret each day when you lie on your bed pondering how is it that you have wasted one more day without even achieving anything. Well, these are the small things that sadly define all of us. Yet we somehow assume that magically all our plans will work out someday and we would live happily ever after despite the fact that our current days are just below average or just bad. It might sound harsh, but the Japanese philosopher, Taisen Deshimaru, once said “If you are not happy here and now, you never will be.”
Yes, we all want some purpose in life so that we would be able to create a meaningful life, but we still are not happy at the end of each day. And frankly speaking its never too late to evaluate and ask yourself: Are you wasting your life one day at a time?

Now growing up, each of us develops their own ideals, morals, happiness quotient and guilty pleasures. We are also very keen and eager to judge something that doesn’t suit our palate. like for eg: Ashy, studious person automatically becomes the Nerd, etc.. We subconsciously do this to achieve two things: Achieve our personal goals and Not be a social outcast. But most often the first goal ” Achieve our personal goals” are subdued by the next goal ” Not a be a social outcast”. So things like being an amateur artist is replaced by being a high earning IT professional, being a good singer is often replaced by a well settled house maker. Before we even realize we are so stuck up in the social rut that we tend to forget our own individuality.

Here’s a little experiment, the next time you are returning Home from Work: Look Around. How many people look satisfied with you. I don’t mean hyper ecstatic or super excited, I simply mean Satisfied. Now let me elaborate the word ‘satisfied’ for you: You remember the football match that you played each evening in your childhood where one team generally lost and the other won. Not all the kids were the best strikers or the best defenders, yet you all played wholeheartedly. Knees were bruised, Homework was pending, Exams were near and Mom was still waiting with a ruler in her hand. But at the end of each day, you returned home satisfied just to play the game, right? I bet you won’t find any satisfied office goers returning home.

But this is not what hurts us. Most of us are very happy to do a job and raise a family and earn big bucks and be a small part of the big league. We never hear anyone complaining” You know what, its bad that I earn a lot and I am very sad about it.” What saddens us is that each day there are times when something reminds us that we are not doing what we are supposed to do. These are very limited signals that your body gives you when you are busy doing the most important thing on your job.These moments make you feel that you should just quit and lead your life the way you always wanted to.Of course this doesn’t necessary mean that everything going on with your life is bad or going not up to the mark. Its just that even though you might be the Employee of the month yet you wish you could just be yourself every once in a while.

And of course there is our conscious mind, our reasonable voice, our common sense that tells us ‘who gives up a life of comfort, respect, stability just to follow a dream?’. Lets see I mean except for Cricketers, our society hardly recognizes sportsmen who work equally hard as any other international athlete despite the lack of facilities.its an unwritten rule Dreams always come at a price and its true for all other aspects of life too. Here’s a general notion : If its not paying up, Its not a good Dream, right?

But you will accept the fact that there are a few things that cannot be compared or evaluated in Money, social acceptability or wins/losses.These few things are the ones that define you and separate you from the herd that you call co-workers, siblings, friends or society. The sad part is most of us don’t even recognize these abilities about ourselves. We might live our life long enough to achieve all available accolades and milestones yet are hollow and empty inside.Or there can be those who are just afraid to take the leap of faith and try to do what they love. Anyways these are the lives that are wasted in order to fulfill someone else’s dream and trying to fit in a tiny box in a corner each day even when you could go and explore the world. I just hope, wish and pray that none of us turn into these damned souls.

To answer the question about wasting your life, I know for sure that you have realized what the answer is deep inside. And if the answer is yes, Read my next post : Living One Day at a Time and How to Evaluate your life.

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