Diagoras’s Curse

September 15, 2015
Diagoras Ajithirekar

Countless wars and battles after, Numerous Religions later and after being qualified as the most advanced species, we are yet to find and trace our own origins. We rely on the Skewed manuscripts and widely acceptable facts instead of the unearthed and unknown truth. Our History has taught us to be indifferent to differential thinking and we are known to silence or let the truth transcend into obscurity. One such instance is of the Greek Poet of Diagoras of Melos, who was a known atheist during his time and was condemned because he refused to believe the natural order of the Greek belief system.He was responsible for alternative school of thought that was much in line with what Charles Darwin had professed centuries later.Yet this groundbreaking thought and philosophy could not find the day of light as the population at that time was not keen questioning their belief system. Little of Diagoras’s Writing remains, but archeologists have unearthed an important poetic text that that any sheds more light on his thoughts and beliefs.

According to this old text, the only two witnesses of our existence are Time (ó̱ra)and Absolute Truth(apólyti̱ alí̱theia). Both these factors have their own characteristics and are responsible for our limited span of existence. Where Absolute Truth has more masculine traits, Time has more feminine qualities. These Qualities are discussed much more in detail later. The Poet Diagoras, personified these two entities and Envisioned the world as an offspring of these two Individuals, Eventually giving birth to two twin sons:  Truth(Alí̱theia) and Lies(Psémata). He goes on to portray an epic battle between the two siblings for their supremacy. After a huge battle spanning eons, They both decide to call truce by selecting an human (anthro̱píno̱n) to decide who is the greatest. The Human, cunning and intelligent as he was, uses both these egomaniac powerful siblings to fulfill his own true passions and greed. With the help of both Truth and Lies; the Human is able to create Politics(Politikí̱), Religion(Thri̱skeía), Science(Epistí̱mi̱) , Faith(Písti̱), Wealth(Ploútos) and Death(Thánatos). With the help of his creations, the Human rises in power and strength. But eventually no matter who the human chooses , he loses a part of his soul. It was then that he realised that the now imprisoned Absolute Truth and the revenge seeking Time are the only real basis to judge and live your life up to, but by then it was too late and the civilization that we now know had already been invented on false and frugal premise, dwelling only on the now powerless Truth and Condemned Lies.

Lets explore each of the character created by Diagoras:

Time (ó̱ra) : Diagoras describes  Time (ó̱ra) as the reason for existence. He describes her as an extremely beautiful strong-willed feminine entity. She is beautiful and her rage is the most fearful weapon. She rose to the everlasting seat of Immortals that ruled Olympus and brought forth her equal Absolute Truth(apólyti̱ alí̱theia) to rule along with her. With Absolute Truth(apólyti̱ alí̱theia) she bore two twins Truth(Alí̱theia) and Lies(Psémata) both of which were deformed as during their birth Time (ó̱ra) was distracted and the earth had prolonged phases of Light (Day) and Darkness (Night) which lasted about 4 centuries each. Later, she helped her son Lies to imprison Absolute Truth(apólyti̱ alí̱theia) on accusation that her husband preferred Truth(Alí̱theia) more and plotted to destroy Lies.After her sons lost their powers to the Human and his creations, Ora pledged to destroy the Human race.

Absolute Truth(apólyti̱ alí̱theia) : Described as a young commander who was the only one to defeat Time (ó̱ra) in a battle, Absolute Truth found himself deeply in love with Ora. Soon he was the ruler of Olympus and sired the twins with Ora. Not only was Absolute Truth able to forecast the future but he was also capable of stopping the aftermath of the war between his two sons. Yet despite knowing his fate, he continued to let fate take its own course and was imprisoned by his Wife Ora and son Lies. He saw the fallacies of his sons and tried to warn them about the dangerous course but was  neglected by them.
 Truth(Alí̱theia) : The eldest of the twins was born during the 4 centuries of Light that earth had to bear. Though truly pious and moral, Truth was known to lack courage and failed at crucial times during his war with his younger brother. but it was due to his good nature and deeds that he never lost any of the battles.He received the immortality from his mother, a fact unknown to him as well as his brother Lies.He was also the one to ask favors to both of his parents against his brothers and was refused. Yet this act of his , was the reason why his Father Absolute Truth(apólyti̱ alí̱theia) was  imprisoned for eternity. Often seen by the Human as a good influence , he was summoned to help the Human create Science, Faith and Religion, but he eventually lost to the Human who stripped him of all his powers and exiled him with the help of Politics(Politikí̱), Wealth(Ploútos) and Death(Thánatos).
Lies(Psémata): The youngest son of Time and absolute truth was always jealous of his elder brother. His birth during the 4 centuries of Darkness made him fearless and deceiving. Powerful and presumably more able than his brother, He  believed himself to be the less preferred by his Father and was responsible for instigating Ora to imprison him. Countless  number of times, Lies(Psémata) waged war against his own brother and though always seemed to win yet Truth managed to survive every single time. He was the one to cunningly coax Truth to accept the decision of the Human as the final judgment. His abilities to predict the future was the characteristic trait that he received from his Father. He secretly indulged in all the human creation of Science, Faith and Religion, eventually weakening them. His contribution in creating Politics(Politikí̱), Wealth(Ploútos) and Death(Thánatos) was massive and helped the Human to rise to the power of Ora. He was unable to gauge the true intentions of the deceiving Human whom he considered a friend and was eventually exiled and condemned to eternity by Ora herself as she figured how he had helped the Human to overthrow Truth.
Human (Anthro̱píno̱n): Approached and lured by Lies, The Human agreed to  judge the challenge between the two powerful Brothers. Seeking favors by both of them, the Human had already conspired  with Lies to rule in his favor. yet he took the opportunity to gain from the elder brother Truth by asking him to create Science, Faith and Religion and also with the help of Lies he corrupted these new creations to suit his purpose. He also asked Lies to empower him with Politics(Politikí̱), Wealth(Ploútos) and Death(Thánatos) eventually to help strip Truth of his powers. The Human kept his promise to defeat Truth and exiled him from the earth. Armed with the greatest Creations except Immortality, the Human had now been able to challenge the Immortal Ora who  ruled the Olympus. He became so intoxicated with his powers that that he refuse to help his old friend Lies as he was being Exiled. Later Ora defeated the Human and cursed to take revenge on each Human born henceforth reducing the Life expectancy with each passing century.The Human then realized his ambitions were too great and futile as he regretted creating the flawed creations including religion and the concept of God to which his successors prayed. He realized that he was the sole reason of the destruction of the entire world order.


Diagoras was eventually brought to a court of law and exiled to the island of Corinth and eventually died as a result of poisoning.


Kindly Note: The above story is complete fiction as youmight have guessed. Though there was a greek Atheist Poet Diagoras he never wrote any such text. I want to polish this story and chip of  unnecessary stuff to make it sound like the real Greek shitz and also the real Greek Shitz was much more messed up than this.


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