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Why will we always hate Batman V Superman

April 13, 2016
Batman Superman #BvS

The most difficult thing about all this is accepting the hard fact that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice simply isn’t a movie we expected. Three of the greatest Superheroes ever, Formidable Villains, and a budget of one of the most expensive films produced. The Success of Batman V Superman was a no-brainer. Yet the movie will remain a disappointing event for all the fans. Here’s why:


Not Again?

Batman Parents Death

The movie starts off in the flashback when Bruce Wayne as a child remembers the death of his parents. The last words of Wayne, Bruce’s Father, are ‘Martha’ referring to his wife, Martha Wayne. DC could have well started off the movie by a glorifying fight scene depicting Superman taking on bad guys, considering this was sequel to the Man of Steel. But the origins of Batman, told to us so many times in so many renditions, was detailed once again. The question remains Why?


Why isn’t The Superman ‘Super’?

Jump to the scene where Superman saves Lois Lane bringing more disrepute to his already blemished God-like persona. To the ones he has saved, he could do no wrong. But he cannot bring back the dead to life despite all his superpowers. Throughout the movie, the all powerful Demi-God struggles to protect his loved ones. Not once but thrice. He appears before a congressional hearing as an accused and takes the blame for the aftermath in which he has no role to play. With all the Kryptonian knowledge spanning centuries and galaxies, he seeks advice from his Mortal human parents. One dead, One very much alive. I mean who does that: Weak Normal people, right?


Lex Luthor…meh.

Criticized for the irritating portrayal by Jeese Eisenberg, Lex Luthor Jr. doesn’t make sense most of the times. He is not a match to Superman as General Zod was. Nor he is as menacing As Heath Ledger’s Joker. He does not pose any threat to either of the two superheroes that we have cherished for years now. Its easy to realize that Lex Luthor Jr. is not at all relevant. Yet in this very practical world of ours, we have allowed more meek minded evil geniuses to take control over our lives. Facebook. iPhones, anyone?


Whats with the Problem child?

Each of the main characters : Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent and Alexander Luthor Jr. are troubled men with a damaged childhood.

Bruce Wayne has witnessed the death of both of his parents at close quarters. Clarke Kent has lost three parents and is willing to do anything to save the last one, when he is in his true form and has nothing to hide. Lex Luthor Jr. often talks about the troubled life with his father. We have all developed quirks, egos, mindsets and lifelong hatred for far less and silly excuses.


Why has the Batman changed?

Bruce Wayne has always found redemption in wearing a mask and fighting crime. But in BVS, He is not the same Bruce Wayne that Christian Bale portrayed who fought the league of shadows owing to his ‘No Killing’ Policy. Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne acknowledges the failures of Batman when he says that 20 years of Crime Fighting amounts to nothing as Criminals are like weed. So the Jokers, The Riddlers, The Penguins of Gotham though ruthless were more of an obsession for the younger Bruce Wayne to avenge the death of His parents. Bruce Wayne now has matured to realise that only a handful of good men remain true to their cause and morals. Bruce Wayne is a changed man and hence Ben Affleck’s Batman doesn’t shy away from killing. This might be too much for the Superhero Movie lovers as we rarely see the formulaic superhero change. Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, SpiderMan have changed little in comparison to the multiple on-screen opportunities given to them.


Martha Who?

Batman Superman
Ever lost a parent Or a sibling ? Or a Pet? Do you remember their last words? Or maybe the last thing they did. Yes you might be successful and wealthy with new family members. But I am sure every once in a while the memory might come up. Do you relive those moments everyday? or do you try to repress them? My point is : Everyone wants to become Batman, No one wants their parent to die. Everyone loves the mansion, the secret life, the costume and the gadgets. But the insurmountable pain that drives many of us to anger, alcoholism and neglect is pretty much real. Bruce Wayne just happened to focus his pain to become a masked vigilante. Imagine someone repeating the exact last words of your lost loved ones: won’t you stop for a moment to hear it again?

The ones with the so called happy life won’t understand this. Wearing Superhero T-shirts won’t help either.


What is Lois Lane’s problem?

Clark Kent tries hard to fit in to the society. The unsatisfactory Job, The pain in the ass boss and the stifling errands of the normal life which we all are sentenced to, seems to provide no hope to the Man who wears the Logo on his chest. The Problem with many reviews I have read is that they say Lois Lane tries hard to stay relevant. What we fail to realise is  : Maybe Lois is the kind of Damsel in Distress that Superman needs, just to stay relevant. He could have easily fallen for the cute girl in HR (ala Pepper Potts) and could have stuck to saving cats stuck in trees. But he chooses not to. Superman needs Lois Lane more than Lois needs him. Its not wrong, every Superhero needs something to save. The conflicted alien just happens to have more muses. He needs to save the world as well as the ones he loves. In the end, he realises he needs to die so that peace can be prevail. In the last act, I found Superman to be suicidal, unprepared for what the world had to offer him. Can’t relate to it? Read tabloids of the super famous trying to cope with the fame, drugs, paparazzi.

Finally, I am in no way contesting that the Batman Vs Superman is the greatest Superhero Film ever. It isn’t. But much like The Watchmen and the recent Deadpool movie, We as audiences might need new pair of eyes and a better perspective to really enjoy non formulaic superhero movies. We all know what too much formula has done to a lot of Genres. Its upto us to not let that happen to our superheroes.

If not here’s the schedule for all the yet to be released Marvel Movies:


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