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All’s Well that Ends Well ?

May 18, 2017
Alls Well That ends Well

All’s Well that Ends Well is a Short Story on valuable Life Lessons of Investing, Relationships and the massive Layoffs that reflect our daily struggles.

Once upon a time, an old hermit while performing his yagna dug up a small hole that served him as a Well. Long after the hermit was gone, the magical well stored the sweetest water from the ground. Each day the well would fill it self diligently and expect that both animals and humans would come to it.
But the Well was surrounded by a strong river, a vast sea and a young fresh stream. When the animals needed fresh water, they went to the river as they could easily drink the water from the banks. The Humans used the river to set up their prosperous civilization. When the humans wanted to travel to far away lands and find exotic fish, they went to the vast limitless sea. And the lost travelers always found their way with the help of the stream that ran through the jungle.

Who would want to come all the way to the well and spent their energy and time on drawing the water from no where. Even if it meant that the water from the Well was much better than others.
The well simply didn’t serve any purpose for anyone. Yet each day the Well would keep its self ready for any passerby who might stumble upon it by chance.

But ego is something that affects us all, even inanimate things.
As soon as the monsoon came, the sea, the river and the stream decided that it was time that the living beings must pay. Both for their Ignorance and their greed. After all they had been contributing so much to their petty lives.

So when the rains came, they all decided to teach the mortals a lesson. The river flared up and engulfed the Entire settlements of the humans. The sea Engulfed all those who dared to Venture in search of food. The stream puzzled all those who followed it in the jungle during the heavy rains.

Their Collective ego got a boost when even the sun decided to take revenge against the ones who took everything for granted.
Thus, when the longest summer of the decade started, the river transformed itself to a stream denying anyone its precious water. Even the sea receded so far away that all the fishes decided to go away with it. The stream again puzzled all those who followed it by disappearing midway leaving the travelers gasping and stranded.
But even during these turbulent times, the Well didn’t waver from its dharma and kept it self ready without expecting anything in return.

The news of this magical Well spread like wildfire when it was discovered by a weary traveler by some stroke of luck. Both Humans, animals and birds started flocking the Well to quench their thirst. The sudden popularity of the mysterious Well and the snub that they got from the living was enough to deflate the egos of the mighty sea , the vibrant river and the young stream.

And they all soon returned to their original form.

But having learnt their lessons the hard way, the humans made a decision to honor the Well by placing it in each village that they inhabited for centuries to come.
Of course they could not forever ignore the sea, the river or the stream
But the valuable lessons the mortals learnt during that fateful year are still relevant. While investing, in relationships and more important during the times like these when mass layoffs have become a status quo rather than an extreme contingency plan.

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