Meet Ajit Hirekar

AjitHirekar Ajit Hirekar

Ajit Hirekar (@AjitHirekar) is a Full-Time Sales Manager, Part Time #DigitalMarketer, Freelance Consultant, #Blogger.

Ajit Hirekar wants to live in a world where coffee and pizza toppings are free, emails are precise and drama is restricted to the idiot box.

He completed his secondary education at St.Lawrence High School in Mumbai, Maharashtra. He graduated from Mumbai university with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering. He has a Master’s degree in Business administration with specialization in Marketing from Mumbai University.

As a Sales & Marketing Professional, he has been a part of various high calibre teams that have catered to a wide client base. Apart from his experience as a Sales Manager in B2B sales, he has worked with a number of startups as a digital marketer, content writer and freelance consultant. When he’s not helping the sales world survive, you can find him scribbling fiction, cooking passionately or helping new ventures find their marketing voice.

He often writes and shares his thoughts on his website His writings deal with ways to enjoy the corporate life with a pinch of fiction and spoonful of humor.

A few fun facts about Ajit Hirekar: You will hardly hear him refuse a good cup of coffee. And Never will he ever utter the word No when someone is plotting a daring Pizza hunt. As a bonafide Foodie who enjoys pranks, you will rarely find him stopping for a #Selfie while he’s having Fun! This and the power to write about himself in third person almost makes him a rebel, sort of. He is also known not to have any body doubles and performs all of his own dangerous stunts.

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