5 Steps to find Happiness with Combined Integrity Spectrum

July 21, 2016
Combined Integrity

While most people believe that happiness is crucial for living a healthy life, many people think that finding happiness is a complex process. Now here’s a new way of attaining Happiness called Combined Integrity Spectrum. 


What is Combined Integrity Spectrum?

Everyone of us comes from different backgrounds, different set of rules and experiences. Our own Integrity is based on these factors. But what happens when two people meet and discuss upon issues/topics. They can either agree, disagree or be confused. Depending on our reaction we can be judged i.e. either rejected or accepted. Or we can choose to collectively form a set of rules that governs us. This in fact, is the origin of Combined Integrity Factor.

In general, there are a variety of topics on which we all agree. But the degree of agreeability differs. Similarly, We can differ on a lot of topics all for varity of reasons. Lets us take a look at negative traits that range from being rude to outright criminal. These actions start by being non-consequential i.e. no one needs to be prosecuted or judged for not following them like Smiling at others. Let’s call this Point A.
And there are other topics that we all strongly object to. We believe that even one lone incident should be condemned and be prosecuted with the harshest punishment like say Cannibalism. Let’s Call this Point Z.

Combined Integrity Graph

Combined Integrity Graph

Between the two extremes Point A and Point Z there are various points on which a consensus is formed. So lets say Point M : Murder.

a) Point MGSMY : Murdering a Cockroach can be insignificant ,

b) Point MDFTE : Murdering a Chicken for food is non-consequential,

c) Point MTYEI : Murdering a cow is punishable

d) Point MXZVY : Murdering a Human is highly condemnable and amounts to strict action.

Thus, we come to a consensus on all these points categorizing them as excusable, justifiable or criminal. We then collectively decide the corrective measures that are approved by our own integrity. This procedure of building collective consensus with a view to upheld intrinsic moral values gives the Combined Integrity Spectrum. The Combined Integrity Spectrum is the basis of any relationship, Marriage, society, religion, country and Mankind.

How does Combined Integrity Spectrum Help?

It is the factor that can help us predict the longevity of an Idea, a business or a relationship . It can help us predict the downfall of a country/cult. If used correctly, we can define the exact way the share market functions. With significant research, we can even predict crimes (a la minority report). Combined Integrity  Spectrum can help a person to manitain his own individuality. It can als help a nation to function as a single Organism.

The Dichotomy of Combined Integrity:

Opposites Attract but why?

Its because the allurement and the excitement of meeting someone who is on the other end of the Common Integrity spectrum is massive. It gives us hope and a vision of how our lives would have been if we were on a different spectrum. Eg: The bad boy image often attracts few women because it teases the limits of the common integrity factor of a society. The “Bad Boy” immediately loses all leverage if he crosses the threshold and commits a crime. What follows is social castration, loss of reputation and in very rare cases a new cult following that allures others eg: Charles Shobraj or Charles Manson or even Hitler and the Neo Nazi.
What happens when Opposites collide?

Gender roles and stereotypes are born. No matter what people say, both Gender roles and stereotypes are an extremely discriminatory way of categorising people. They arise out of failed relationships and someone else’s perceived ideas as to what being on the combined Integrity Spectrum would be. They are used frequently to warns us, judge us or change us. Minority and Majority conflicts increase with each of them biased towards ones beliefs. It happens in a relationship too. A former single guy sometimes finds it difficult to find solace in a relationship often leading to frequent conflicts. Sometimes Independent married women find it tough to balance both family and her career. In both cases, often settling down for something less than envisioned.

Can we resolve this?

Thankfully Yes. Every new relationship or point of contact can flourish prosperously despite the massive differences. Peace can be found again through the Combined Integrity factor. This implies that in order to make every relationship work, we must choose to communicate our set of values frequently but also be ready to adapt those of others. World Wars will trickle down to Civil wars, Civil wars to battles, Battles to skirmishes , Skirmishes to riots, riots to debates and debates to Combined Integrity Factor. Its all reversible.

On a very different note, If as a person you try to cover the maximum spectrum of the combined Integrity Factor, you end up losing your individual Integrity level. This is what we call as the “Doormat Syndrome”. So its imperative to give up on only a few Integrity factors while gradually accepting new ones. Also there are some Integrity factors that can never be changed . Getting one to compromise on these “Golden Integrity Factors” will have extreme psychological impact.

Can Combined Integrity factor be propagated?

It most certainly can but it should not be. Evolution depends on people adapting to changes, thoughts or cultures. But it also means letting go before it becomes stagnant or a stereotype. eg: Even on an individual level,our first love (however naive it may be) guides our future selection of partners. You start by getting attracted to the physical attributes than to knowing the person’s Integrity factor to resonate with your own. But by the time you break up, you still hang on to the combined Integrity level from that relationship. So most of the times we try to find a lookalike of our previous partners hoping to find the same Combined integrity levels by first judging through similar physical appearances or specific “types”.

Another example can be playing the same game level over and over again despite having the capability to cross more levels within the same game. More importantly forcing others to abide by the same level of the game leads to friction. Again, Evolution is adapting to change and not forcing oneself to remain the same.

So what’s the exact way to find happiness with Combined Integrity Spectrum?
1. Define your own Personal Integrity Factors:  These are points that define you. Also, these include the basic golden rules that you can never compromise on. Make sure these Golden Integrity Factors are understood by you as a person and are not derived by someone else’s experiences.
2. Market your Personal Integrity factor : Meet people from different spectrums, understand why they are the way they are. Learn new things and teach others what you know. Don’t try to please anyone who you are not comfortable with yet acknowledge their existence. Remember it might be tough for you as well as others to find the combined integrity Factor right away. There might be some people who fake their way too, so beware!!

3. Form your own Team : Zero in on people who try to make efforts to find a Combined Integrity Factor with you. You don’t have to spend a lot of time to make things work. Take it one at a time with simple steps like going to a party, eating at a new restaurent,etc.
4. Enjoy the process: Don’t settle for the first person who fits the Combined Integrity Spectrum. Most of the times its a false Positive. A relationship with the least struggles is the lamest. Enjoy the process of selecting and knowing people, places and emotions.
5. Be ready for a Change: Once when you find the Combined Integrity Factor, remember external events can and will change it. Sometimes, you will have to be the change maker yourself , if you are not happy. So be ready to try again without losing hope.


Happiness is all around you; within you! It can be as easy as a Google search. But the only problem is that you are looking for it in the wrong places. Happiness is accessible because it lies within yourself. All you have to do is to identify it, become optimistic in difficult situations and choose to be happy deliberately. Following these simple strategies will help you enjoy your inner happiness at all times.

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